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Cooking Up A Storm - Cyclone Relief Dinner

Cooking Up A Storm - Cyclone Relief Dinner

Hospitality businesses across the country are coming together to host New Zealand’s biggest dinner party in support of those impacted by Cyclone Gabrielle.

Masterminded by Al Brown and supported by the Restaurant Association, the ‘cooking up a storm’ event is due to be hosted in establishments nationwide on Monday 20th March. 

Doors will open across the country from 6.30 pm with dinner served at 7.00 pm.

Participating restaurants will serve a two-course comfort food menu for a set price of $69 with $46 from every sale going directly to the Mayoral Relief Funds.

A portion of the proceeds will also go directly to our hospitality whanau impacted by the recent weather events.

“We are attempting to create the country's biggest-ever dinner party with the whole hospitality community coming together to do good and help those in need.

It’s one sitting, with a two-course set menu, just like you were coming around to a friend’s place for dinner. 

It’s about comfort food and bringing like-minded folk around a table for the evening. Essentially we’re emulating what is happening in the affected regions, where sitting around a table and having a kai, is bringing people together to support, listen and be there for each other. 

I know times are still bloody tough for many in our beloved hospitality industry, but we still need to think about others and the role we play in the community. 

We’d like to show that as a whole industry, we can help make a difference and give back in a meaningful way.” 

Diners can book their table by going to

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