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Marsh's Creamed Clover Honey

Marsh's Creamed Clover Honey. High quality white clover honey with a great texture & unique flavour from the Central Otago High Country. "I have been a massive fan of this honey since stumbling over this product something like 20 years ago. Look out for the blue lid!" ~ Al Brown, NZ Chef / Food Writer

A bit about Marsh's:

Marsh’ s Honey is a third generation family owned business in Ettrick that was established in 1934. It is currently owned and operated by Russell and Trudie Marsh.

Ettrick is in the Teviot Valley, Central Otago which encompasses the other small towns of Millers Flat, Roxburgh, and Lake Roxburgh Village. It is renowned for its iconic stone fruit, apple and cherry orchards, and berry fruit.

The Marsh’s Honey brand is well known for its white high country clover honey.

It is also recognised for the long standing pollination services that the bees have provided on farms and orchards throughout the Teviot Valley.

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