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Ironclad Sharpening Steel

The Ironclad black sharpening steel is crafted from high quality German steel. That's the good stuff.

The surface of the steel is a 'No. 3 Cut'. For those less familiar with the language, this is a general purpose sharpening texture, or "etch". A No. 3 Cut is coarse enough to tackle even the dullest blade in your kitchen.

We chose black steel for three critical reasons. 

  1. Black steel holds its etch longer than traditional chrome-plated steel, so you'll notice less drag when sharpening.
  2. Black steel won't rust.
  3. Black is a colour commonly associated with Ninjas, so it makes sense that black steel would be the go-to sharpening steel for Ninjas. And everyone knows that Ninjas are blade experts.

The Shear Edge handle is a tight matrix of highly engineered wool fibres that make up 70% of the volume. This means the handle is much lighter, stronger and more sustainable than traditional plastic.

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