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Tuatua and Kūmara fritters

Tuatua and Kūmara fritters

Tuatua and Kūmara Fritters w/ Egg, Gherkin and Caper Mayonnaise


This fritter recipe would come close, for me personally, to a dish that encapsulates New Zealand Cuisine almost perfectly. A fritter is such an informal but delicious thing to cook and eat.  You can substitute different shellfish in this recipe, like mussels, pipi or cockles. The kūmara is an inherently Kiwi vege, helping bulk out the recipe if you are short on the kai moana, and of course it adds a subtle sweetness to the equation.


Makes 12 large or 24 small fritters


Step 1. Egg and Gherkin and Caper Mayo




- 1 Cup                   Mayonnaise ( see recipe page xxx)

- 2                           Hard Boiled Eggs – peeled and roughly chopped

- 1/3 Cup               Gherkins – finely diced

- ¼ Cup                  Capers – rinsed and finely chopped

- 1                           Lemon – finely grated zest and juice

- ¼ Cup                  Fresh Parsley – finely chopped.



Step 2. Tuatua and Kūmara Fritters




- 650gm                 Tuatua meat


- 350gm                 Kūmara – 1cm dice


- ½ Cup                  Red Onion – finely diced

- ¼ Cup                  Sweet Chili Sauce

- 1/3 Cup               Fresh Basil – finely chopped

- 1 ½  Tbl               Lemon Juice


- 3                           Eggs

- ¾ Cup                  Flour


-                                Sea Salt and Fresh Black Pepper




To make the egg, gherkin and caper mayo, place all the ingredients in a bowl, mix together then refrigerate until required.


Take the tuatua and place in a colander to drain. Now roughly chop and palce in a medium-sized bowl.

For the kūmara, place is a small saucepan, cover with salted cold water, then place over high heat. Bring to the boil and cook for 2-3 minutes, until just soft through.

Drain, spread on a tray and let cool.

Add the kūmara to the bowl with the tuatua, followed by the onion, chilli sauce, basil and lemon juice. Mix through.

With a stick blender, blitz the eggs and flour together in a bowl to create a thick batter. Add to the tuatua mixture and mix through. Take the stick blender and blitz about a cup of the mix, then fold this back in (this will help bind the fritter and hold it together when cooking). Season with salt and pepper, and refrigerate until required.

Place a cast-iron pan or similar heavy-bottomed pan over medium heat. Once hot, add a splash of oil and cook off one small fritter to check and adjust the seasoning if necessary.

Cook the fritters to your desired size, until golden and cooked through. They should take a couple of minutes on each side.


Serve with the egg, gherkin and caper mayo, and lemon halves on the side.

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