Let us fill you in…

‘Good Joe’ is delicious well made coffee, honest to a fault.

Over the last ten years or so we have been creating a family of brands, that while all individual and unique they are also inherently linked to each other with a common thread around our overall values and ideals around hospitality, be it TV shows, Books, Restaurants, Bagel Shops, Products etc.. so it was a natural progression to look into creating our own coffee brand.

Our philosophy around all our bits and pieces, is to try do things to our best ability while championing informality.  We have never wanted to be seen as a ‘Flash Harry’ type brand. We are more about being as relatable to as many New Zealanders as possible. We want to be seen as reliable, honest, kind & caring and while we are bloody serious about doing things well, we try to never take our own-selves too seriously. Turning the ‘fun dial’ up as much and as often as possible is essential.

'Good Joe’ is a bit of a riff or a tongue & cheek nod to the North American slang term for a 'Cuppa Joe’ meaning a regular cup of coffee. I have always loved this endearing term that screams informality, and while ‘cuppa joe’ may have connotations of not the greatest drop, there is a warmth of familiarity, simplicity and generosity around it. 

‘Good Joe’ is just that…..it's not trying to be to crafty or clever, its a beautifully roasted brew by our friends Tim, Helen and Arlo Rose from their unpretentious small scale 'High Noon’ roastery out west.

‘West Coast Roast’, our first, is a three bean blend using fair trade, organic beans, two from Central America and one from Papua New Guinea. It’s a balanced blend to be drunk anytime of the day and made however you like it. From an espresso machine in the city to your trusty stovetop or plunger parked up in a beautiful spot of the country.

We like to drink it out of our sustainable natural wood Good Joe reusable cups, great for a cuppa or an afternoon tipple.

We serve Good Joe Coffee throughout our outlets, Depot Eatery, Federal Delicatessen and Best Ugly Bagels as well as selected locations around the country. It’s available direct through the Al Brown webstore along with the Good Joe website in 200g packs that are accompanied by a post card, brass clip and a handy little brew guide to get the best out of your beans.

If you’d like to serve Good Joe at your place or know somewhere they should, drop us a line to hello@goodjoecoffee.co.nz