About a year ago we launched Old Yella habanero mustard in a more retail friendly, at home bottle. It’s developed a relatively cult status from the moment we started making it and serving alongside our skirt steak at Depot Eatery 7 or 8 years ago.  It’s now served throughout our gaffs….it’s what gives the magic to the Yodi at Best Ugly Bagels and it’s the lick of yellow that transcends our pastrami to another level at the Federal Delicatessen.

We deliberately wanted to sell it in a squeeze bottle as this screams ‘use me’ and feels comfortable on the table as a regular condiment.  It turned out to be one of the longest parts of the process but in the end we found a shape and size that immediately felt right, it had the feeling like it had been around for 20 years.


Old Yella goes on everything, put a squiggle on your hotdogs, added a healthy tablespoon to a cheese sauce, create a salad dressing, anything’s better with a lick of yella. Here’s a few suggestions below for you to whip up at home:

Mix with equal
part of good quality mayonnaise and use as a dipping sauce for croquettes, fries ....

Make a simple zingy salad dressing. Add 2/3 cup of olive oil, 1/3 cup
of vinegar, a big spoon of Old Yella habanero mustard, a spoon of sugar, pinch of salt and sprinkle of pepper into a jar, shake, use.

Baste over a rack of baby back spareribs or use it as a binder for your favourite spices.

Add a decent helping to your mince mix to give a bit of schwing to your patties or meatloaf.

You can now refill your Old Yella bottles at Federal Delicatessen and all Best Ugly Bagels sites excluding the airports. They also make a handy bottle for the workshop, arts and crafts or fill them back up with one of your creations from the suggestions above.

Grab a bottle to try from our webstore or stockists around the country.