Freshcatch - fresh fish made simple

Many will already know of my lifelong love of our coastline, the surrounding oceans and all of its bounty, so I’m super excited to announce I’ve teamed up with the crew at Freshcatch.

In a nut shell Freshcatch offers the freshest seafood delivered directly to your door. It was started by a few proud kiwis that want to reconnect us with the origin of our food and make seasonal and fresh eating more convenient.   It’s basically a fish market that comes to you, and considering the sad state of a lot of the fish that ends up in supermarkets etc for us to buy, that’s got to be a good thing.

Our promise is ‘fresh fish made simple’  but, for me in particular, it’s also an opportunity to encourage people to buy and eat more responsibly, lower waste and look after our fisheries.

We’ve all been guilty of favouring those pearly white, boneless fillets but with an abundance of varieties so close to home we should be broadening our horizons and eating more Kahawai, Trevally, Flounder and Blue Moki to name a few.  Through I’ll be sharing loads of tips, tricks and recipes to guide you, like this oyster shucking vid. 

It’s a super user-friendly process - fish are grouped together by taste and texture and we select the best of the catch for you. You can choose from Premium Catch, Al’s Pick (some of those lesser known, and often misunderstood species) and Salmon.  Then there's one off packages inlcuding;

  • Fish Now - for last minute orders.
  • The Shuck Club -  live Mahurangi Oysters and Cloudy Bay Clams.
  • The Raw Deal - fish like Trevally, Kingfish and Kahawai for making ceviche, poke and sashimi
  • Bits & Pieces – think bellies wings and collars, the bits we so often throw away that are ironically the tastiest parts  and from time to time smaller fish like yellow eyed mullet and flounder.

.... with more to come. The more we experiment with other varieties the less pressure we place on the popular species and the added bonus is there’s less pressure on your wallet too.  

As a Chef it’s quality and flavour that appeals about Freshcatch, but as a keen recreational fisherman it was more the opportunity to create a platform to look at all things directly linked to our oceans, with sustainability and traceability high on the agenda.  It is extremely important to me that we understand and acknowledge how lucky we are to call New Zealand home and to never lose sight or underestimate how precious our wild fishery and ocean resource is.


'Fish On'