I spent a good few days last winter whitebaiting on the Jacob River with my great mate, Greg Hay, from Peregrine Wines. Greg’s stand is pretty remote, and he bought all of our camp supplies with us, including this Argentinian grill contraption. We cooked various cuts of meat on it each day over an open fire and the results were amazing. Greg’s grill was a version of an Asado Grill, a metal BBQ rack that originates from Argentina. I’ve seen these grills in a few different sizes over the years; the Argentinians use them for cooking all kinds of meat, chicken and fish, from small birds to whole cattle beasts. I was lucky enough to be gifted one by Greg and it’s been great fun – at home we call it the ‘torture rack’, because it looks a little like a medieval torture device! Check out this recent piece I did for Hyundai where I cooked a couple of lamb shoulders on mine.