This is the Tandoori chicken recipe that my good friend Sanjay’s family has served for years. The fresh mint and the mint sauce work wonderfully with the other spices and unsweetened yoghurt.  It comes out a treat from the Tandoori oven but cooks equally well over a charcoal or hardwood barbecue.  The secret is to get plenty of char on the edges of the chicken.

Serves 6.


Marinated Chicken

Place all the ingredients in a suitable sized bowl, except the chicken pieces.  Mix to combine then add the chicken portions. Refrigerate for a day before cooking for best results.


Cooking and Serving

Heat up your Tandoor, pizza oven, or BBQ to high heat. Brush or drizzle a little oil over the marinated chicken portions, then place on the heat.  Remove when cooked through and charred on the edges. Serve with a squeeze of lemon juice and some chopped fresh coriander .


Photography by Kieran Scott